Weekly Update Video Report

What a week

I arrived in Budapest on Monday and wanted to hit the ground running but yeh…jetlag. So instead of shredding papers and barking orders (my idea of what organised people do) I’ve been sleeping, eating and trying to coax my confused body into the latest timezone.

But I did manage a few minor tasks during the 2-3 hours of sanity each day.


I asked a Hungarian friend where I should go for more information about registering my motorcycle. The answer was the closest Okmányiroda (registration office).

I swaggered up to the information desk and asked for information. Like what you do at an information desk. Except that they didn’t speak English. So no information for me.

I extended my arms out and gave a twist of an imaginary throttle, then a lady hurried off to retrieve the only English speaking assistant in the building. I swear this guy spoke better English than most Australians.

He explained all the steps necessary to import my bike from Germany:

1. Visit the National Tax and Customs Office to submit papers
2. Take bike to a mechanic for a ‘health check’
3. Find third party insurance
4. Come back to the registration office with all documentation and BAM! Bike registered.

I can register it in a Hungarian friend’s name, or in my name if I get an address card. To get an address card I need a friend who owns their home to write a letter saying I live with them. Or I can rent my own apartment.

So much relief. Phew.


Although I can finally sort out this registration mess, it is going to take some time. At least 2 weeks for the address card, and another 2 weeks for the registration of the bike. Plus there’s the minor problem that I don’t even have my original bike papers with me right now. I sent them off to a friend of a friend in Germany who owns a garage and who can deregister the bike in Germany (so I can import it to Hungary).

The only problem is that I haven’t heard back from him. I have no idea whether he received the documents or the number plate, and whether he managed to deregister the bike. Fingers crossed. Otherwise I’m stuck here for good.

My Love

Day two and I couldn’t wait to see my little BMW again. I made the trek to a friend’s house where she had been safely garaged for the winter.

Excited was an understatement. I practically yelped when I saw her (see video).

I dusted her off and prayed that the battery would have some spark. I left it connected last year because I fancy myself intelligent. So intelligent that I only need a few hours before my flight to disconnect a battery. So intelligent that I wouldn’t forget a screw driver. *face palm.

To answer all of our greatest fears, the battery was so weak it wouldn’t even cough. Poor thing. Although I pity myself more. Now I have to find out what ‘battery’ means in Hungarian and where on earth I’m going to buy one.

By the way, this was my first attempt at filming. I hope you enjoyed the short video I put together.


The last piece of this week’s puzzle was the top case mount I bought online.

It arrived safely in the mail (a real triumph here in Hungary where EVERYTHING gets nabbed) but even though I was told it would, it won’t fit my bike. It’s for a later model (2008 onwards). Motherf&*%^s.

So unlike that oddly cheerful video I made for you, I am now sitting here with my head in my hands, at a kitchen table with holes of frustration punched out of wall next to me. Hopefully a magical solution presents itself soon *cough *cough somebody tell me what the fuck to do.

That’s it

For now. Lots of shenanigans to come as I continue the prep stage for this year’s journey. Stay tuned there will be plenty more video updates featuring exclusive content only I could create. Like squirrels ruining my makeup.

It’s bound to be hilarious but I can’t wait.

What I learned today:

  1. I look better than I expected on camera.
  2. I shouldn’t get too close to wild animals. Ever.

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