This is where I record all stages of my trip. From planning the route and posting daily adventures to contemplating stupid things I’ve learned.

Day 51 — Bergen

Today I decided to check out Bergen. It was an taxing detour to ride over here. I’ll put y...

Day 44 – Oslo

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There’s no point climbing back to the top. Defeated we stretch out on the warm concrete of...

Day 43 – Oslo

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Oslo Adventure Rider Biker Girl
Short post today. Other than working on the blog and finally getting it online, we did thi...

Day 42 – Oslo

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Just walked around Oslo with some of Sophie’s friends. Didn’t see too many interesting thi...

Day 41 – Oslo

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Today I woke up at midday, had some breakfast then drove into Oslo city with Soph to check...

Day 6 – Malmö

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A beautiful 35 degree day spent hanging in the sun and exploring the city with my couch su...