The good news:

I feel like a new person today! I got my first haircut in about a year from this place and started eating like a queen again because food is cheap as hell here. I.e 3E for Ox stew at Kolmas Draakon in the old town. D.lish. The place I’m staying at is pretty much a small castle, windy corridors, exposed stone and all. It even has a free sauna with a pool. And it’s only 10E a night. Win.

Apart from that, I went on a free walking tour with these guys. I don’t normally do tours because I don’t get along with other tourists, but this was actually pretty good. Estonia has a lot of dark history and I admired our guide’s use of comedy to lighten the topic. If in town definitely tag along, they meet outside the information shop at Harju/Niguliste crossing at midday and tips range between 2E to 20E.

The bad news:

I found out I’m actually not insured by my supposed travel insurance. And all because I didn’t buy a return ticket to Australia. Paying $350 for the ANZ Platinum rewards card to get the insurance was a bad deal. Thank fuck I haven’t seriously hurt myself.

So paid another $340 for travel insurance with TID. Only for them to dodge me over during the checkout process and hide the options panel on another screen. So now I have a policy without a reduced excess. Now I have to ring up tonight, cancel my new policy and re-start the process all over again…

Things I learned today:

1. I’m a tourist
2. Maybe I should kill myself.

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