Today I decided to check out Bergen. It was an taxing detour to ride over here. I’ll put you out of your misery. It wasn’t worth it.

My opinion could be effected by the fact that I was exhausted after the past few days and didn’t have boundless energy for gasping in awe at touristy crap. Plus it was raining heavily last night and carried on through this morning which didn’t exactly hustle any motivation to leave my tent. But I did walk around for a bit. Apart from a pretty cool little seafood market, some nice old buildings and a gallery, there isn’t many interesting things to see.

The only interesting thing in Bergen

The only interesting thing in Bergen

Kode gallery

If you’re the cultural creative type, then the Kode gallery is fucking awesome though.  For 100kr (50 for students) you get a 2 day pass to check out all 4 museums. The art in there is incredible and there’s a lot of variety to suit all tastes.

Directions from Lone Camping

If you’re camping in Bergen, you’ll probably end up staying at Lone Camping (the best of a terrible bunch), which is about 20 minutes out from the town. You could drive in to Bergen, but the city doesn’t have street parking. It has parking houses which you need to pay for and which seem like a bit of a hassle.

You can however take the bus from outside the campsite. It arrives every hour to two hours depending on the day, and takes about an hour to get into the city (vs 20 mins by car or bike).

The roads in Bergen

The roads into Bergen are still a little tricky, they have a few twists to them and can be quite slippery at times. So it’s best to be careful.

More important to know is that a few larger tunnels have signs banning entry to motorbikes (unless they mean no bicycles?). I’m not sure how having a sign slapped on the tunnel entrance right before you enter it is going to help you avoid it. But anyway.

And one last thing, like the rest of Norway there are no tolls for motorcycles in Bergen. Woo!

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  • Cameleer says:

    Hi, love your pics and narrative. Also following on ADVRider. Maybe I’m missing something, but… How do see days 52-73??

    Cheers from a hospital bed in Dubai, and Happy Holidays!

    • bikergirl says:

      Days 52-73 are coming! I’m trying my hardest to get them up, I should be able to post a whole load over the Christmas break. I tried to post daily whilst riding but exhaustion and laptop battery usually won out. I wrote down drafts everyday so I’m editing them at the moment and they’ll be up soon. If you subscribe to my mailing list I can email you when I post one up 🙂

  • gozamite says:

    Oh it’s pitty you didn’t find Bergen a nice place. I do! I was there in 2013 with my group… We had the time to check the mountain (with cablecar) and then the centrum area with those old wooden houses. One thing is sure -it’s damn expensive!! A pizza plus coke was something like 17€!!

    • bikergirl says:

      I tried to ride up to the top of the lookout but I got so incredibly lost through the backstreets that I gave up. It was strange, the road up to the mountain wound up through residential streets, unless I just missed the main road to take me there…or there was no road at all *facepalm

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