Not much to report today

Just walked around Oslo with some of Sophie’s friends. Didn’t see too many interesting things. Or maybe there was plenty of interesting things but I didn’t notice them on account of the fact that today I didn’t encounter a challenging but completely avoidable situation, as I have done so often lately, and so did not feel the high that comes with almost killing myself.

On another note, look at these cherries I found by the side of the road *gasp.

Biker Girl adventure rider Oslo Norway

The rest of the day

We made dinner then headed out to a free concert. Followed this by a few (many) drinks followed up by a famous Norwegian hot dog, swathed in mustard and mayo, and all tightly wrapped in Norwegian potato bread. Just. Divine.

This was followed by clubbing. Followed by friend making. Followed by a cab home at 5am.

Of course followed by an absurd credit card statement. I’m in Norway.

Biker Girl adventure rider Oslo Norway
Biker Girl adventure rider Oslo Norway

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