A pretty boring day

I woke up early on Rømø and packed up super quick so nobody would see me. I had this perpetual fear I would get in trouble by the one policeman on the island. Silly.

I road down to the beach again and took another swim. I hung some of my still wet washing from two days ago on the handle bars of my bike and the strong gusty winds across the sand plains dried my stuff in minutes.

In high spirits after a refreshing swim that washed the sweat caused by paralysation and fear last night, I suited up and headed off to Copenhagen.

Aside from the incredible 18km long Storebaelt bridge that connects Copenhagen to Odense, it was a pretty boring ride today. Very uncomfortable, my groin is HATING the way that I packed these bags on.

Oh, and it costs 18E in taxes to pass over the bridge (pretty much your only option). It would have been cheaper and faster to take a ferry from North Germany *sigh.

My route

▣  Highly recommend       Boring but safe      Shit. Boring, strenuous & dangerous.

hours riding
In fuel

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