Shitty lakes

I woke up at 6am today. I’m not used to the sun rising so early, it makes sleeping impossible. I went for a morning stroll down to one of the supposed lakes nearby. Apparently this area is a popular camping/swimming spot for German families in the summer. But to be honest, I’m not entirely sure why. It was actually pretty shit.

The lake is just that – a lake. Just a large dirty puddle with a bunch of mosquitos and no beach. Not even a ledge to dabble your feet. Just thick tall reeds and bugs. More like a large pond really.

So from my brief encounter, I’m not sure why everybody flocks here in the summer. But then again, German’s are a weird bunch. Maybe there’s some sort of national roller-skating derby or bratwurst eating competition nearby.

Dismantling my tent

Feeling disappointed I trundled back to my tent hoping to dismantle everything and leave before my neighbours woke up and saw me awkwardly dismantle my tent. No chance of that. Man, I could kill those Germans for their kindness. I was midway pulling the pegs out before they came running out of their campervans wielding hammers and waving their arms like inflatable tube men. I mean I was grateful and everything, but it still made me feel so uncool.

Where to today?

I picked a random spot north of the Danish border to drive to. Turns out this was a lucky pick. It was Romo island, a fucking awesome little place that I highly recommend going to. More about this in part two.
My route

▣  Highly recommend       Boring but safe      Shit. Boring, strenuous & dangerous       Incomplete

Hours riding
in fuel

Determined, I hit the autobahn for the final time. By the time I arrived I’d finished an entire audiobook.

Finally on the road to Denmark.

Seeing as I had only made it technically an hour out of Berlin I just hit the autobahn again. I chucked on an audio book and completed the 5 hour drive. By the end my groin was killing me. Mostly on account of the fact that my luggage is taking up 70% of the seat. Part of the reason I wanted to hurry up was to get to Sweden where my bike luggage would be arriving. I can finally drop all of the crap I’m carrying and stop doing internal damage to my vagina.

Crossing the Danish border

Crossing the Danish border was interesting. They have about two or three policemen standing there waving people through with a road off to the side if you look suspicious. They waved me through because of my German plates so it was pretty easy. Maybe not so easy if you have plates from Eastern Europe and beyond.

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