Residency requirements for EU citizens moving to Hungary to live or work

EU citizens moving to Hungary do not need a residence visa (Tartózkodási engedély). However, EU citizens who plan work in Hungary or stay for over three months need to apply for a Registration Card (Regisztrációs kártya) and an Address Card (Lakcímkártya).

Applications for a Registration Card are submitted to the Office of Immigration and Nationality in the city of residence.

Required documents in support of an application:
  • Passport
  • Proof of accommodation. This can be a letter from the landlord or owner of the residence in which the applicant lives, with both the owner and applicant’s passport details and signature plus two witness signatures (witnesses cannot be you or the landlord).
  • Proof of employment or
  • Proof that the applicant can cover their own and their family’s costs during their stay in Hungary i.e. a bank statement
  • Proof of healthcare (if the applicant does not intend to work)
  • 1000ft worth of stamps for the processing fee, purchased at any post office.
REGISTRATION CARD (Regisztrációs kártya)

The Registration Card is issued on the spot and is valid for an indefinite period of time, or until the holder leaves Hungary permanently or for a long period.

Address Card (Lakcímkártya)

The address card is automatically sent to the applicant’s registered address within four weeks.

To check the status of your address card application or have any further questions about the process you can call the international number for the Administration and Electronic Public Services Office on +36 1 550-1858.

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