What is it – the short version
It’s a wooden church.

What is it – the long version
One of the biggest and most beautiful stave churches in the world – a rare medieval wooden Christian church building found for the most part only in Norway.

How to get there

Lom Stave Church is situated in Fossbergom Norway, north of the famous Jotenheimen national park. There are many roads leading to Fossbergom, if you’re riding from Geirenger, take route 15, if you are coming from the south you can take any of the smaller roads which will get you on route 55 or 51. The church is next to the Bøvra river on the northern side of town.


Go late.
If you want to be able to walk around the church in solitude then arrive in the afternoon when the church is closed.

Should you visit

If you’re passing through that area then yes. You don’t need to spend a lengthy amount of time checking it out, but it’s a nice lunch spot and a place to stretch the legs.

  • The detailed roof and ornamentation on this church are truly incredible. It’s beautiful to look at.
  • It’s one of the few surviving churches of this kind
  • The contrast between the dark foreboding church and the bright green grass and neatly flowered gravestones is startling.
  • In the end it’s just a church.

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